Elkhart County Campus Meeting

Not meeting Sunday, February 24. Please join us for Fresh Encounter at the Granger Campus. If you haven’t already heard, we’re planting a campus in Elkhart County. We need many of you to become committed launch team members. If you or someone you know may be interested in helping to launch this campus, please join us Sundays at 6pm at Jefferson Elementary School (18565 CR 20, Goshen, IN 46528). Children are welcome!

Join the Team

There is much work to be done prior to the launch of Harvest Elkhart Campus. We have a team of committed and contagious Christians who are laying the groundwork for a disciple-making church that glorifies God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

What are the expectations of a team member?

As a launch team member you will be expected to have a high-level commitment and be growing in your faith. You are going to be challenged to work hard in serving Christ as He builds His church. You will be challenged to walk with Christ more closely as we meet weekly for prayer and Scripture study in preparation for the new church campus plant in Elkhart County.

What commitments must I make if I join the launch team?

Each member commits to:

  • Pray fervently realizing spiritual warfare will come.
  • Grow the team by inviting others to join.
  • Make a healthy church transition.
  • Sacrifice personal preferences for the good of the church.
  • Financially support Harvest Bible Chapel in proportion to your income.

How do I join the team?

  1. Contact Mark Jones, the Team coordinator, and attend a Campus Meeting to learn more.
  2. Pray. This is an exciting opportunity but it is hard work.
  3. Pray some more. If you believe God is calling you to join our team, please contact Mark.

Catch the Vision

We have a VISION…

…of a CHURCH:

That actually believes God wrote a book, the Bible. With a message so profound that when proclaimed as the very Word of God, it changes those who hear it.

That has a central burning desire: the adoration and exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Where worship was not part of the service or part of the week, but the consuming passion of the leaders and congregation alike.

That believes God listens when they pray. That knows God considers the pleas of His people when they cry out to him in faith. And He actually answers.

That believes the fields are “ripe to HARVEST” and that God’s plan is to use his people as the means to reach the lost.

We have a VISION…

…of a CHURCH called Harvest Bible Chapel!

Come hear more about what God is doing at Harvest!